Health and Safety Signage for 2019 – Full Steam Ahead!

Health and Safety Signage for 2019 – Full Steam Ahead!
2019 Health and Safety Signage into full swing

2019 may only have just begun, but already the orders for Health and Safety Signage are coming in thick and fast!

It comes as no surprise that construction signage is taking the lion’s share of the orders placed so far this year, driven in no small part by the booming construction industry in Dublin, but we have seen some growth in farm safety signage and parking signage as well. Plus, it is good to see that orders from outside of Dublin and the commuter belt are also on the rise, showing that the recovery is at long last spreading to other corners of the country too!

Did you know we print and manufacture all our health and safety signs ourselves? This allows us have full control over materials, such as the types of inks used and the quality of the sheet material we utilise in order to ensure the highest standards are met each and every time. This also allows us to produce bespoke signage on some of the most common materials such as Corriboard, Foamex PVC and Composite Aluminium, giving our customers greater flexibility in their orders.

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